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Deccan Restaurant

Best Curry House Urmston

The Deccan Restaurant opened in 1969 and is one of the oldest Indian restaurants on Flixton Rd in Urmston. With three generations of experience, we renovated it in 2010 for your comfort and enjoyment.

At Deccan Restaurant, our culinary stars shine brightest with our signature dishes, Madras and Dupiaza. The Madras curry is similar to dishes from central and eastern India, giving it a fiery and rich flavour. Each bite is a journey through the vibrant streets of South India, where the intensity of flavour leaves a lasting impression. 

We’re about more than just food. Our place is designed to make your time unique, mixing modern style with cosy vibes. Our private area is perfect whether it’s a big celebration or a work event. Our team takes care of everything so you can enjoy your meal with your guests. Book now and make your meal at Deccan unforgettable!

Indian Restaurant

Enjoy delicious Indian flavours at our restaurant with tasty curries and traditional dishes.

Deccan Starters

Starter Spark

Explore our restaurant for delicious and affordable starters! You'll love favourites like Deccan Special Mix, Onion Bhaji, Fish Special Mix Grill, and more.

Sizzling Deccan Delights

Sizzlers are hot dishes with grilled meats, vegetables, and sauces served on a hot plate. They make mealtime exciting with their sizzling sounds and delicious smells. Our restaurant has a range of sizzling dishes made quickly for you to enjoy.

Special Drink Decaan

Special Drinks

A variety of drinks at our place! We have beer, whisky, brandy, vermouth, and hot beverages to quench your thirst. Try our house wines, champagne, rosé, whites, and reds—a choice for everyone.

Chef's Best Dishes: Special Favourites

Savour the robust flavours of Kajuri Massala or the tender perfection of Chicken Tikka Kasturi. Lamb Chop Habibi brings a fusion of flavours, while Special Thawa and Masli showcase the best of South Asian cuisine. For a taste of tradition, try Handi or South Indian Garlic Balti, or explore the bold flavours of Desi Staff Curry and Achari Chilli Fish. Bangladeshi Khana and Kofta Narmadil offer a journey through regional specialities. Whatever your preference, our chef’s specialities promise a dining experience to remember.

Chefs Special Indian Food

Favourite Menu Picks

Favourite Menu Picks

Chicken Dupiaza & Lamb Dupiaza: Tender chicken or lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes, and flavourful spices for a tasty meal.

King Prawn Madras & King Prawn Dupiaza: Treat yourself to our King Prawn Madras or King Prawn Dupiaza dishes! They’re both delicious and packed with flavour. You can have them with rice or naan bread.

Special Mixed Madras & Special Mixed Dupiaza: Its delightful blend of meats and vegetables cooked in either a flavorful Madras sauce or aromatic Dupiaza sauce.

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Quick Takeaway Flixton Road

With our takeaway menu, bringing delicious meals from The Deccan Restaurant to your home is now super easy! Enjoy amazing dishes like chicken tikka masala, flavourful lamb biryani, and more in the comfort of your home.

We want to simplify ordering, so you have two options: call us or visit our easy-to-use website. Our takeaway service also offers a wide range of side dishes, sundries, starters, tandoori specialities, and much more.

Please check our opening hours before ordering to ensure we’re available when you want to pick up your food.

Indian takeaway flixton road

Indian Food

Experience the flavours of South Indian & Traditional Asian foods. Discover top curry spots and share your flavourful experiences! Your tastebuds will thank you.

Curry House in Urmston

Customer Feedback

Fantastic Food Lovely Staff
Karen Barnard
Short notice large party booking, half of which were kids. They smashed it. Amazing food! Faultless service.
Karen Barnard
Had the best night great food so friendly. Top restaurant highly recommended Great food · Large menu · Stylish interior · Fast delivery
Carole Dunn
Brilliant love the food great service. Indoor dining
Kay Armstrong
Great food, great atmosphere and great staffs Great food
Gary Armstrong
Another fabulous meal! It's lovely to be able to sit in again and enjoy the food had many a takeout during lockdown, customer for life!
Diane Pemberton Monk